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What's the advantages of single bowl sink and double bowl sink?
There are many choices for kitchen sink, but the main difference is the bowl quantity of sink. Single bowl kitchen sink and double bowl kitchen sink all have unique advantages.
If you want more space to cook, the single bowl is more suitable for you. The single bowl kitchen sink needs less space.
The double bowl kitchen sink also has its unique advantages. For example, you can wash vegetable in one bowl and peel vegetable in another bowl. Besides, double bowl kitchen sink can allow two people to use it at one time.

How to clean glass countertop sink?
You only need some water and a little glass cleaner to make your sink clean.
Please don't use detergent which has big friction and hot water to wash your sink.
You may need one soft cloth to clean the sink.

Why use stainless steel kitchen?
Wherever the kitchen or other places, the stainless steel is proved that it's the most widely used material. The stainless steel has extraordinary performance such as high hardness, great corrosion and abrasion resistance to make the sink durable.

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