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Bolang has professional designers who can design and develop mold independently. Until now, we have produced more than one hundred products according to international market and customers' demand. Our workshop has the area of 12000 square meters and is equipped with advanced production equipment.

Our Workshop

The material is international standard stainless steel coils. According to the demand on different size, we put the material into different size by automatic cutting machine.

  • Lamination process of steel
  • Steel sheet raw materials
  • Cutting materials

There are sink deep drawing machines, coutertop drawing machines, integrated sink drawing and more than a dozen large hydraulic presses. These machines are divided to produce by the products' size and model. We produce the sink precisely by these machines. So these machines is very important for the quality of the sink

  • Extrusion and drawing
  • Steel sheet drawing

There are punching machine, steel cutting machines and plasma cutting machines to process the coutertop and sink, such as trimming, bending and punching. The plasma cutting machine is efficient and accurate. We have specialised engineer to spot weld the sink who have more than 10 years production experience. After spot welding, we use the Italian automatic wheel welding equipment to weld the sink to make sure seamless welding.

  • Spot welding
  • Wheel welding equipment
  • Welding sink to iron plate automatically
  • The finished welded round sink

The surface processing is very important in production. Our workshop uses NC equipment which improves the production efficiency.

  • Mark dimension for sink which needs to punch
  • Laser cut machine is punching according to dimension
  • Bending machine is processing the sink's panel
  • Processing the panel in details

The polishing workshop uses equipments which is designed by us independently. These equipments can polish the sink's different surface. We can produce thousands of products by these dozens of machines.

  • The polishing machines
  • Polish the product
  • Process the surface
  • Use CN machine to process product

The last step is to wash the sinks that have been drawn and transfer them by automatic transport line. All the products are tested by quality inspection personnel.

  • Paste the logo on products
  • Put finished products into warehouse
  • Put finished products into warehouse

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